Investors seeking attractive returns can supporty local Businesses with Beehive Invoice Finance

Invoice Financing 

Invoice Finance refers to investors effectively buying into short term finance. It enables investors to get attractive monthly returns and build a diversified portfolio of established SMEs. Investors lend against outstanding invoices from credible customers, choosing the amount and rate at which they wish to finance against specific invoices


Many large companies are slow to pay their suppliers in turn putting pressure on short term cashflows which SME’s rely on to grow their business. Beehive’s invoice financing bridges this gap helping SME’s now and providing investors with access to an attractive and emerging asset class.


Beehive’s platform automatically matches investors, based on their investment preference to business invoices, allowing investors to diversify their portfolio.

Why invest with Beehive Asia

Beehive peer to peer lending offers investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns by directly investing in strong, creditworthy businesses via our online platform. Peer to peer lending is a new asset class of alternative finance and one of the exciting new investment opportunities spawning from the fintech revolution. Registering on Beehive can open investors up to a world of fast, simple investing. with multiple benefits including >10% ARR avg. gross return and monthly payments. Investors can start investing from just THB 10,000 into multiple businesses and quickly build a diversified portfolio


Investing across Beehive means you can invest in the growth of Thai businesses and help the local economy. Register on Beehive today and make your money work harder

Becoming an investor on Beehive couldn’t be easier…

how it works

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Invoice Matching
Business Receives Funds

Register on Beehive Platform as an Investor

Set Parameters for Invoices to finance

Matching and Accepting Invoice finance

Business Receives Funds Against Invoice

Receive repayment with interest at maturity date

Investor’s Benefits

  • Great returns on short term lending

  • Relatively low risk investment

  • High liquidity

  • Access to new asset class

Rate of return 

30-60 Days 60-90 Days 90-120 Days 120-150 Days
A+ 1.0% 1.05% 1.10% 1.15%
A 1.05% 1.10% 1.15% 1.20%
B 1.10% 1.15% 1.20% 1.25%
C 1.25% 1.25% N/A N/A
* The above ratings represent monthly return.
* Beehive Asia will charge 20% of total interest received by investors as our fee.

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